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The story about Princess Design Masks

With Coronavirus spreading faster than anybody could ever imagine, wearing a mask became mandatory everywhere in the world. Princesses Elsa, Tiana, and Moana gladly accepted the new rules, so they decided to design their own fabric masks. This way, they can keep their trendy outfits accessorised with the coolest fabric masks ever. Will you help them make the fashion accessory? Then start this brand new decoration game for girls called Princess Design Masks and see what stunning fabric face masks you can create for them!

Elsa, Tiana, and Moana are known for their amazing daily outfits, and now that the face masks become mandatory, they need to get creative and find the perfect masks for their daily outfits. Custom-made fabric face masks are now the must-have accessories any trendy fashionista needs, and you little fashion designers can help your favorite Disney Princesses to design their own. All you need to do is to play this online princess game online at! Are you ready to learn how to make stylish fabric masks on your own?

Then get started with this fun decoration game for girls, check out your options, and step by step create a trendy face mask for each princess. Choose a color and a pattern for each mask, add lots of funny stickers, rhinestones, and any other items you find appropriate to turn an ordinary face mask into a statement fashion accessory. Wearing colorful or glitzy face masks during this difficult time helps our girls with lifting their mood, so why don't we adopt these girls’ tips and tricks ourselves? 

When you’ve done dealing with your fashion designer job, you get to choose a nice outfit to go with each mask you’ve created as you continue playing this free dress up game online at! Accessorise the chosen outfits with sparkling pieces of jewellery and new hairstyles, of course. Also, don’t forget to advise our girls on their makeup looks. With or without a mask, a real princess should always look dashing.

Have a great time playing this fun DIY Game called Princess Design Masks game online at!

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to interact.

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