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The story about Insta Trends: Galaxy Fashion

Get ready to embark on a fashionable trip to the center of the Universe together with your favorite Disney Princesses! The Frozen sisters and their BFFs Rapunzel, Moana, and Ariel are responsible for your unforgettable trip in this brand new dress-up game for girls called Insta Trends: Galaxy Fashion. Are you ready to join’em?

But before digging through their impressive section of galaxy suits, let me tell you what you are going to discover in our princess dress-up game for girls. Insta Trends: Galaxy Fashion is a mix of Doja Cat’s latest album called Planet Her and the Northern Lights filter that's so popular on Instagram. This unique mix is complemented by an impressive selection of costumes and some of the coolest accessories you’ve ever seen. Let's get started with it, ladies! 

The first space-inspired wardrobe you are going to discover in our online dress-up game is Queen Elsa’s. Browse through her colorful wardrobe, have her try on all of those cute custom-made blouses, and pick your favorite to dress her up with. Then, go on and find a pair of leggings to match. Finish her stylish astronaut look with a brand-new hairstyle which may come in purple or blue gradients. Caught under a spectacle of shooting stars, Disney’s princess Rapunzel could use your fashion advice next. Continue your unique adventure in our exclusive Prinxy game for girls, and see what stunning astronaut costume you can find for our long-haired princess. Rapunzel is a huge fan of jumpsuits, so a tight suit is everything she needs to stand out. Pick a dark or a light-colored one, and accessorize it with sophisticated gadgets she might use when traveling through outer space.

Planet Her has recently become the home of princess Ariel, too. The red-haired mermaid gave up her underwater kingdom to witness the dance of lights that takes place on this spectacular planet in the center of the universe. Shades of yellow, orange, sand, and blue rule Ariel’s new world, and our girl needs your help to fit in. Galaxy printed two-piece outfits and suits are available at your disposal in Ariel’s space wardrobe. What are you going to pick for her? Try on everything you like the most, and finish Ariel's new look with a colorful space buns hairstyle. Are you ready for some more? Then let’s continue your adventure in this fashion game with another challenge. Anna is the next princess in line to discover your fashion tips and tricks, and she’s ready to be impressed. You can try creating a jaw-dropping mismatched outfit for our princess, or you can go safe and advise her to wear a cute suit in a unicolor. 

Last but not least, you get to choose a galaxy jumpsuit for our 5th Disney girl, princess Moana. Her collection of astronaut outfits comes in a wide variety of colors, and they stand out through oversized accessories and chic cuts. Don’t forget to complete her look with a new hairstyle and with statement accessories. 

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Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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