Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup on Prinxy

Playing Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup on Prinxy

The story about Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup

Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup is a free-to-play beauty game where you discover a fresh blend of gothic charm and soft girl aesthetics. Join the fun and have a blast transforming our gothic girl into an adorable soft girl.

What makeup looks are there in Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup?

The game is divided into three unique units, each inviting you ladies to create a themed makeup look for Wednesday, exploring countless eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, blushes, and accessories.

How to play Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup?

In this online beauty game, you play as a talented makeup artist challenged to run a

trendy experiment and deal with a dark-to-light character transformation. This game allows you to express yourself freely, test the limits of your imagination, and redefine typical gothic aesthetics with bubbling soft girl vibes. Are you ready to become her stylist and transform Wednesday Addams into a viral internet sensation just like the soft girls?

Explore the blushing beauty look

In the first unit, pink blush and glossy lips are the order of the day! Pick up your makeup artist brushes, and create endless makeup looks from dewy, flushed cheeks to sparkling glossed lips. Opt for sweet serenity with a dusting of baby pink blush, a pearlized pink gloss, and delicate pearl accessories hinting at a soft, innocent charm. Explore chic rose with a rosy blush and a clear, glitter lip gloss rendered edgy with silver, gothic accessories for a fun twist. Or venture into the realm of petal glow, featuring a light brown blush and a candy-floss lip gloss, paired with dainty floral accessories for an unexpected playfulness.

Discover the glamorous extravaganza

The second unit is a magnificent play of eyeshadow, stones, and glitter brows. Bring your creativity to life with mystique mirage, an enthusiastic blend of duo-chrome eyeshadow, paired with rhinestone accents and glitter brows shimmering like stardust against the night sky. For a daring approach, there's the lunar lure makeup, highlighting holographic eyeshadow, silver-glitter brows, and pearled accessories. Alternatively, go for galaxy glitter, boasting multi-colored, glitter-infused eyeshadow, crystal eyebrows, and heavenly oversized accessories.

Explore the soft girl vibe

The third and final unit is full of freckles and nose patches for that soft girl vibe! Sun-kissed splendor ramps up the charm with golden freckles, a faux-nose patch, and gold-toned makeup. Intersectionally, dreamy dusk highlights rosy freckles combined with mauve eyeshadow and a matching lip tint. Embrace a fresh persona with fairyland fantasy, using pastel freckles, purple nose patches, and magical Candyland-inspired accessories. 

Snap a selfie

Once you're done creating the three unique looks for our soft girl Wednesday, head to the selfie room and snow one picture or more with your creation. Share your favorites on social media so everyone can see what a talented makeup artist you are!

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Pro tip

Remember that in the world of Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup, the only boundaries are the ones you place there yourself! Unhinge from the known, dare to step into exciting new possibilities, and paint your canvas - Wednesday Addams - with the hues of your imagination. Dive in, and have a blast with this trendy revolutionary take on a classic character!

When was Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup first released?

The game was first released in March 2024

Where to play Wednesday Soft Girl Makeup?

Web browser (desktop and mobile).