The story about Glam And Glossy

Get ready to glam up with Glam And Glossy, a fabulous playground for all makeup game enthusiasts. This is where you team up with Ashley, Rose, and Olivia and decode trending makeup looks! Are you ready to experience the magical process of makeup transformation?

Hit the play button to join Ashley, Rose, and Olivia in their journey of expressing themselves through makeup. Learn from them, play with them, and eventually, you just might start setting your own trends! This game for girls is not just an entertaining diversion. It's an adventure into the world of beauty, a hands-on makeup tutorial, and an absolute joyride for those passionate about all things glamorous.

Get the ball rolling with our first makeup maestro, Ashley, our Euphoria-obsessed diva. Her signature sparkle comes from an enchanted trove of glistening gems. Dive into a palette of glittering eyeshadows, lash-leveling mascaras, radiant blushes, and statement lipsticks. Transform Ashley into a true Euphoria goddess and let the fun begin! And that's not all. Add the perfect finishing touch by choosing the snazziest of accessories from our fabulous collection - earrings, necklaces, crowns, or even a daring nose ring.

Next up is Rose, our popup princess. Her makeup kit is adorned with a unique pop of color that undoubtedly steals the spotlight. As her makeup artist, armed with vivacious eyeshadows, lengthening mascaras, blushing blushes, and long-lasting lipsticks you can create a colorfest spectacle! The cherry topping is, of course, a selection of head-turning accessories - earrings, necklaces, crowns, an edgy nose ring – whatever floats your fashion boat! 

Last but not least, meet Olivia, our metallic makeup maven. Olivia’s love for metallics is infectious. With a rich set of shimmering eyeshadows, thick and lush mascaras, glowing blushes, and lustrous lipsticks, creating her signature look is a sheer delight. To perfect her look, explore and play with sparkly accessories.

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Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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