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The story about New Year Makeup Trends

Step into the glamorous world of holiday makeup with the New Year Makeup Trends game. This fun makeup game is your ticket to hours of creativity, festive fun, and fashion. Our radiant trio, Kiki, Olivia, and Ellie, are ready to glam it up for the last party of the year, and they need your expert help. Are you in?

The New Year Makeup Trends game for girls is your chance to celebrate New Year's Eve in style while helping Kiki, Olivia, and Ellie ring in the New Year looking their fabulous best. With unique styles, stunning makeup options, and outfits to die for, this game is just the high note you need to end the year on! Your skills can help our girls say goodbye to the old and hello to the new in the most glamorous way possible.

Kicking off our stylish trio is the ever-sparkling Kiki, ready to shimmer her way into the New Year. Her goal? Achieve the perfect balance of glam and glitz. You'll have an array of eyeshadow options ranging from shimmering pinks, purples, and blues, each more enticing than the last. For Kiki's first look, a wash of pink shimmer on the lids, flirty mascara, a soft blush, and a candy-pink lip could be a stunning choice. Or you could get creative and feature an edgier style with intense purple shadows, volumizing mascara, a rosy blush, and a bold berry lip. Why not play with a gradient of blue shadows, lengthening mascara, peachy blush, and a cool-toned pink lip? With a wide selection of iconic hairstyles and iris colors to complete each look, you can let your creativity fly. As for her outfit? Dance the night away dressed in sequined or lace tops paired with glittering jewelry and party hair accessories. Nothing says "party" like some strategically placed sparkle, after all.

Next in line is Olivia, who is all about that precious bejeweled eyeshadow glamour. Her approach is all about turning heads and capturing lights. For Olivia's first makeup option, why not pair emerald green eyeshadow with dramatic mascara, a hint of blush, and a glossy nude lip? You could involve a sapphire blue shadow with contrastingly soft mascara, peach-toned blush, and a dark plum lip. You can even try an exotic blend of rose gold and bronze shadow with enhancing mascara, natural blush hues, and a glossy red lip that could steal the spotlight. Each makeup design pairs exceptionally well with one of her trendy velvet tops. Add statement jewelry and party-perfect hairpieces to make Olivia the queen of New Year's Eve.

Finally, we have Ellie, the trendsetter of this fun trio, aiming for 'out-of-the-box' artsy eyeliner looks. Perhaps a bold, graphic wing in black for her first look, paired with defining mascara, a hint of soft pink blush, and classic red lips would make her stand out. And that's not all! For an edgy twist, you can pair an under-liner in vivid blue with voluminous mascara, a bronzy blush, and bejeweled nude lips. Let's play with metallic gold liner and give a nod to the fireworks that welcome the New Year, teamed with lengthening mascara, a warm peach blush, and a vibrant coral lip. Complemented by a selection of hairstyles, iris colors, and distinctive ruffled, bejeweled, or velvet tops, Ellie is ready to rock the night away. Add a little more sparkle with blingy jewelry and a fascinator that will complete her edgy, artsy aesthetic.

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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