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The story about Princesses Thrift Shop Challenge

Cindy is so into social media these days and she doesn’t miss any opportunity to enter a new online challenge… especially when we’re talking about a new fashion challenge. Today she’s about to enter the refashion challenge and for this one, she’s going to need some extra help. The challenge takes place on Instagram and to participate in it, the fashionistas all over the world have to complete a fashion designer challenge. They are challenged to dig through thrift stores in a search for cool old rags, they buy the item and then they restyle it into a brand-new, modern piece of clothing. Designer Cinderella decided to join the challenge too and she’s about to head to the local thrift shop and start looking for a fashion piece. Come and join her in getting started with the Princesses Thrift Shop Challenge game for girls, go shopping with your favorite Disney Princess, and pick out an old fashion piece to restyle into a new one. Match your creation with other clothes from Cinderella’s wardrobe and finally, show off the results on Instagram. And don’t hesitate to redesign the next piece and you continue playing this online dress up game for girls online at!