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The story about Next Supermodel Stars

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful supermodel? In the Next Supermodel Stars, you are going to learn what are the four stages any girl who wants to become a famous supermodel needs to go through. Join the 4 BFFs, and step-by-step, you help them build the modeling careers of their dreams while playing this online game for girls. Are you ready for the modeling classes? 

There are four main stages that you need to take into consideration when dreaming of a modeling career. We are going to cover them all, but first, choose the girl you want to accompany in the adventure towards a successful modeling career. Then, practice together with her in this fun and addictive game for girls. The first fashion challenges your need to complete is a fun shopping experience. As a model, you always need to be dressed in the latest fashion trends, and your daily looks need to be anything but ordinary. So grab your shopping cart and head to the mall. Buy everything that sparks joy and try to avoid the ugly clothing pieces and accessories. When you collected enough stylish dresses, shoes, clutches, and pieces of jewelry, go back to the studio and help your supermodel prepare herself for the first catwalk. There aren’t any specific fashion rules that you need to follow while playing this fun dress up game for girls. You can let your imagination run free and put together all your favorite clothing pieces and accessories in a jaw-dropping statement look. 

Great jobs, ladies! Are you ready to discover the second stage in a supermodel’s career? It’s the diet stage. Models need to keep their figure in shape, and they always need to pay attention to the food they choose to eat. Healthy food and gym classes keep these girls fit and in their best shape. Next, in the Next Supermodel Stars game, you girls are challenged to complete a memory challenge. Flip over two cards at the same time and see how fast you can complete the healthy diet challenge while you practice your memory skills. When you’ve completed all the challenges in the healthy diet puzzle game, you can then prepare a healthy meal for your supermodel. Choose from a variety of fresh salads, granola bowls, yummy smoothies, and coffees your favorites and put them together in an instagrammable lunch flatlay

Next, you should learn how to deal with the competition. Some girls can be really mean when they feel their job is threatened by hard-working, creative colleagues, and they start to misbehave. Learn a few tricks and tips and teach your sneaky rivals a lesson by ruining their looks. Can you finish the slacking game without being caught by fancy Olivia? Last but not least, learn how to pose like a runway supermodel. With this four-stage complete, you are now ready to start your own modeling career! 

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Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to interact.

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