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The story about TikTok Trends: Color Block

There is a new fashion challenge making waves on TikTok, and we brought it to Prinxy.app too! It’s called seven days of color block, and you ladies are going to love it! Don’t trust my words, get started with the TikTok Trends: Color Block dress-up game for girls, and be ready to learn more about this fun and colorful fashion challenge! 

"Seven days of color block" challenges the young fashionistas to adopt 2-3 solid colors in their daily outfits. The beauty in the color block outfits is that it challenges your creativity and fashion senses to the maximum. When you create outfits for this fashion challenge, you have to put together shades that are considered opposites on the color wheel and then accessorize them accordingly. While playing our exclusive dress-up game, your task is to help this beautiful influencer create bold outfits for the seven days of color block fashion challenge. She has a busy agenda this week, and sometimes you'll find it challenging to follow the rules of this fashion challenge. Are you ready to get it started? 

Tap the play button, join Sophie in this free-to-play TikTok game for girls and get ready for a busy week full of statement outfits in daring bold colors. The first challenge is to help Sophie mix her office clothes in the rules of color blocking. Luckily, you have plenty of options to choose from, so you should find the perfect look for her. So, go through all her selection of suit jackets, shirts, pencil skirts and suit pants, mix and match them as you wish, and come up with a unique office outfit in green and blue or in yellow, baby blue, and pink. Don’t forget to accessorize before moving on to the next challenge. 

It’s already Tuesday, and Sophie has to attend some management classes. Going back to the university hallways is an opportunity for our girl to wear her pleated skirts again, but this time she’s going to do it in color blocks. Pair your favorite pleated skirt with a crop top in fiery red or neon green, and then have her try on some of those gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits before choosing the final school look. A backpack and a girly girl's agenda would perfectly complement her chic schoolgirl look, so don’t forget to pick some accessories for our lady here, too. Continue playing our TikTok dress-up game with the next challenge. Do you think you could create a fashionable sports outfit for young Sophie?

Color blocks work wonderfully in casual and romantic looks as well, and you’re going to discover that as you help Sophie put together a colorful outfit for her Thursday stroll around the mall and then a girly-girl romantic look for her date. Sophie’s casual wardrobe is ruled by the loveliest dresses you’ve ever seen, so feel free to ask her to try them all. Pick your favorite to dress her up with, and then accessorize your favorite with plastic jewelry and chic glasses. In Sophie’s romantic wardrobe, you are going to find lots of pink and fire red clothing pieces, lace, ruffles, and playful bows. Mix them nicely with statement pieces of jewelry and create an outfit to impress her date.

Are you ready for some more? We’ve saved the best for Saturday. She’s having a red carpet event, and you’ll have to get really creative with this sixth fashion challenge in the TikTok Trends: Color Block fashion game! Mix and match the blocks of colors aiming to get an elegant red carpet outfit, then fix her hair and glam her up with golden jewelry. Well done, ladies! Tap the Sunday bubble next to complete this fun seven days of color block challenge. 

Have a great time playing the TikTok Trends: Color Block game for girls online at Prinxy.app!

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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