The story about Baddie Billie Evolution

Billie’s second album is about to hit the market, so we're celebrating its launch with this amazing dress-up game for girls called Baddie Billie Evolution. In it, we go through four of Billie’s iconic looks. In each stage, you girls will create outfits inspired by the fashion she wore while having a certain hair color. So are you curious to discover the four iconic looks we featured in our Prinxy game? Then let’s get started!

We’re starting the journey with one of our team’s favorite looks, the platinum silver hair. It was a stage in her life when minimalism and monochrome outfits in bright colors ruled her looks, and this is what you are going to see in the first unit of our celebrity dress-up game for girls. Set in a minimalist background that you may recognize from the video for her song “Copycat” video, a white-gray-haired Billie Eilish is waiting to be dressed up in your favorite monochrome set. What are you going to pick for her? Look through the wide selection of tops and bottoms and select your favorite matching set to dress her up. Then accessorize your selection with cool sunnies and some oversized nails. Are you ready for some more?

Then hit next, and let’s see what stunning oversized outfit you can pick up for a blue-haired Billie. The wardrobe we’ve prepared at your disposal in the second unit of our dress-up game for girls is ruled by white, black, and blue. Mix and match them as you wish, and accessorize the final look with oversized chain necklaces and big rings. Next, you’re dealing with one of Billie’s most iconic hairstyles. The neon-green and black hairstyle is the next one in line, and I’m already curious to see what neon outfit you are going to pick for her. In this third unit of our fashion game, we're bringing a new wardrobe for you to play with. The outfits are inspired by the ones Billie wore to various events, some of them come in plain green, black, and white,  and others are covered in complex designer prints. Have her try on different combinations, pick the winning one, and finish Billie’s look with a pair of long nails in a neon green color. 

The fourth dress-up unit is inspired by Billie’s latest hair look, and it reveals a bleached blonde Billie Eilish. The transformation comes to reveal a new stage in Billie's life when she finds herself happier than ever. For this fourth dress-up unit, we’ve prepared some feminine looks in pastel colors and tight clothing options that are nothing like what she used to wear before. Come up with something pretty for her!

P.S. We’ve covered all the steps of Billie's hair makeover in our game Billie Blonde Transformation, why don't you give it a play next?

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