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Ariana Grande got married a few weeks ago, but details of the happy day have not yet been made public. We, at Prinxy, imagined how the preparations for the big day went and put them together in a wedding game for girls that we called Ariana Wedding Prep. Are you ladies curious to discover the selection of beautiful bridal gowns that we’ve prepared for our favorite singer? Then hurry up and get started with the Ariana Wedding Prep game for girls!

As you've probably already read online, the ceremony was tiny and intimate, with only a couple of people invited to celebrate the big day. In our free-to-play dress-up game, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid also made it to the shortlist. But they aren't regular guests. In our game, Kendall and Gigi play the role of Ariana’s bridesmaids. So let’s start the preparations for Ariana’s wedding by choosing the best looks for her bridesmaids. First, we’re traveling to Kendall’s house, where you get to dig through her impressive wardrobe. In it, you will find both mesmerizing floor-sweeping gowns and elegant tops that you can match with midi skirts. Check them out, have her try on all the clothing pieces you like, and then pick the outfit you like the most. Next, accessorize the chosen outfit with a pair of designer heels, statement jewelry, and an elegant updo. To complete Kendall’s bridesmaid look, choose a flower bouquet as well. Great job, ladies! Now let’s move on to Gigi’s house next!

Gigi Hadid is Ariana’s second bridesmaids in our exclusive celebrity game. Gigi is one of Ariana’s best friends, and she was thrilled to be invited to walk down the aisle before her BFF on her big wedding day. But what should she wear? You can choose an outfit that matches Kendall’s, or you can choose something different. There are nine dresses to choose from and tons of combinations that you can make with her selection of tops and bottoms. Don’t forget to accessorize once you’ve decided on the winning outfit. Last but not least, it’s time to take care of our bride’s look as well. Head to Ariana’s home in Montecito and, as her personal wedding planner, help our blushing bride get ready to walk down the aisle looking jaw-dropping.

First, let’s do her makeup! A fun beauty session starts next, and you are going to recreate Ariana’s wedding makeup. Surprisingly or not, Ariana picked a natural makeup look on her wedding day, and we’re covering it in detail in our makeup game for girls! Start with applying a few foundation drops on her face. Use a beauty blender to distribute the foundation on her face, and then apply some highlighter and a peachy blush. Go for warm brown colors for her eyeshadow, apply some mascara and nude lipstick. Great, now she’s ready to try some dresses. As we know, Ariana opted for a super simple white dress on her wedding day, but in our celebrity dress-up game, you will find such a great variety. Our dresses were borrowed from fantasyland and all of them look great on her. Have her try them all and then pick the winning one. Accessorize it with sparkling jewelry, heels, a lacey veil, and a flower bouquet. Finally, save your creation and share it with your friends! 

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