The story about Graduation Makeup Trends

Graduation Makeup Trends is a beauty game where you help 3 gorgeous girls get their makeup looks ready for graduation day. So are you in to help them graduate in style? Then let's join Belle, Polka, and Ariana as their stylist and get their makeup looks ready for the big day. Mixed with floral printed dresses, golden jewelry, and holographic accessories, these girls are going to make a statement. Let's dive into the details and explore the fabulous looks you can create!

With Graduation Makeup Trends, the fun doesn't stop at makeup and dress-up. You also have the opportunity to decorate each girl's robe, cap, and stole. Make them unique and personalized by adding stunning shades, and symbols to highlight their style. Let your creativity shine as you mix and match different elements to create the perfect graduation ensemble So, are you ready to rock the graduation stage? Join Belle, Polka, and Ariana in our Graduation Makeup Trends game and challenge your creativity. With stunning makeup looks, trendy dresses, and the chance to customize their graduation attire, you'll have a blast creating unforgettable looks for each girl. 

First up is Belle, the epitome of natural beauty. She loves a fresh, glowing makeup look, perfectly complemented by her stunning floral printed dresses. With Graduation Makeup Trends, you will experiment with many different looks for Belle. Choose from soft pinks and peaches for a delicate and feminine look. Or go for a bronzy glow with warm, earthy tones. Are you feeling bold? Opt for a coral or fuchsia lipstick to add a pop of color. Then go ahead and select the most beautiful floral-printed dress for our princess and complement it with gold jewelry, a girly purse, flower bouquets, and other accessories of your choice. Once you're done with the makeup and dress-up, it's time to decorate Belle's robe, cap, and stole with colors and stickers that match her vibe. Let your creativity shine and make Belle stand out on her special day!

Next up is Polka, the queen of graphic eyeshadows. She loves to play with bold colors and create mesmerizing eye looks. For Polka, you can create nine unique graphic eyeshadow looks. Go for a dramatic cat eye with a striking black-and-white palette, or experiment with pastel shades like pink and mint for a soft, and dreamy look. Are you feeling adventurous? Try a monochromatic dark green smokey eye with a touch of shimmer for a glamorous effect. Pair these eye-catching looks with plain dresses in pastel shades, black, and white to keep the focus on your stunning makeup. Once you're satisfied with the makeup and dress-up, get ready to accessorize Polka's robe, cap, and stole for her big day. Add a splash of color and your favorite stickers to make her graduation attire truly one-of-a-kind!

Last but not least, is the fabulous Ariana, known for her bold and bright eyeshadow colors. With Graduation Makeup Trends, you can create some electrifying looks for Ariana. Get creative with vibrant blues and purples for an eye-catching and edgy look. Or go for a fiery combination of reds, oranges, and yellows to make a bold statement. Feeling extra daring? Experiment with holographic eyeshadows for a futuristic touch. Use mascara, blush, and lipstick to finish her festive makeup look. These fearless eye looks can be paired with Ariana's holographic dresses to create a head-turning ensemble. Once you've mastered the makeup and dress-up, it's time to personalize Ariana's graduation attire next. Select a brush, and add all your favorite colorful accents to her robe, cap, and stole. Let your imagination run wild and create a dazzling look that reflects Ariana's vibrant personality!

Remember, the world is your runway, so don't hold back. Let your creativity and imagination take you to new heights with Graduation Makeup Trends. It's time to graduate with a touch of glamour, a pinch of fun, and a whole of fabulousness!

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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