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The story about Highschool Mean Girls 3

Game-over excitement just got real with the arrival of Highschool Mean Girls 3. This new dress-up game features three fashionable friends, Kiki, Polka, and Ellie, who challenge their fiercest competitors, the new girls in school. Get ready to walk into a world of trendy outfits, stunning hairstyles, and dazzling accessories to give our mean girls an unmatched charm.

Brace yourself, ladies, as this fierce fashion battle royale of Highschool Mean Girls 3 is here. The stakes are high, and the fashion is hotter, but the sass and style of Kiki, Polka, Ellie, Brian, Elsa, and Wednesday are undeniable. So gear up and get ready to send those new girls back where they came from while you conquer the high school fashion throne. With endless outfit combinations, creating personal styles has never been such a thrilling extravaganza. Release your fashion beast and let the world know who the rulers of high school are.

Start this fashion face-off by dressing up Kiki, the ultimate style queen. Browse through a selection of patterned skirts, sassy crop tops, stylish dresses, and fabulous hairstyles. The jewelry and accessories found in her wardrobe are nothing less than exquisite. 

Vivacious shades of pink and purple drive the fashion items in Kiki's wardrobe, so hurry up to take a look. For her school outfit, imagine a playful pink mini skirt paired with a chic purple cropped tee. Layer this up with a chunky Y2K necklace and matching earrings. Style her hair down, and she is ready to steal the show. Or try a royal purple wrap dress that cinches at the waist to switch it up. Add statement earrings and a high ponytail for that "boy, bye" outfit.

Next on our list is Polka, who entrusts her wardrobe to the timeless combination of white and nude. Explore a fantastic mix of denim skirts, versatile crop tops, exquisite dresses, and hairstyles. Complement these with jewelry and accessories that are bound to make heads turn. For the first outfit, think of a low-waisted denim skirt paired with a white tie-front crop top. Pair this with a denim chocker for a vibe that says 'cool, calm, and chic'. As for another look, why not go for an angelic white summer dress, a metallic handbag, and a sparkling necklace that screams fashion goddess?

Let the goth glamour contain you as you dress up gorgeous Ellie. Her wardrobe is rife with edgy leather skirts, sassy crop tops, body-fitting dresses, the wildest hairstyles, jewelry, and accessories. Dominated by fearsome shades of black and pink, Ellie is not the one to be messed with. Try a pink leather mini with a black mesh shirt for that chic rocker look, or step up the game by slipping Ellie into a tight-fitted black leather dress, hot pink purse, and golden jewelry to show everyone who's the boss.

Now, it's time to swap the skirts and dresses for striped shirts, jeans, colored chinos, and suits to dress up the charming Brian. Couple a sparkling white t-shirt with a pastel blue striped shirt casually thrown over, a pair of jeans, and a smartwatch for a cool yet mature appearance. Alternatively, get him looking dashing and ready for any high school hop in a tailored grey suit, crisp white shirt, and designer sunnies for the ultimate sleek look.

Darkness never looked this fashionable until Elsa came into the picture. Her wardrobe is a treasure trove of egirl-inspired skirts, tops, dresses, wild hairstyles, and statement jewelry. Assemble a gothic-yet-girly look for Elsa with a black skater skirt featuring metallic chains, an asymmetric top, and a choker for an edgy appeal. For a different yet equally impressive ensemble, let her don a black, mesh-sleeved dress, a spiked headband, and black jewelry to confirm her as a dark fashion fairy.

Saving the best for the last, it's time to head over to Wednesday's black-and-white world. Discover checkered pants, shirts, dresses, and hairstyles in her wardrobe. With the perfect ruffled top paired with a checkered mini skirt, an edgy necklace, and a statement hairpin, she's ready to rock any showdown. For a slightly softer look, dress Wednesday in a black and white ruffled dress, a studded clutch, and statement jewelry. Add a white bow hair clip, ensuring her black-and-white world is tinged with the perfect dash of cute and chic.

Step into the shoes of a photographer in the final unit of Highschool Mean Girls 3. This last challenge allows you to personalize snapshots of each friend's group with picturesque backgrounds, artistic filters, and fun stickers. Let your creativity reign as you frame and capture the most Instagrammable moments. This exciting game facet takes virtual dress-up to a whole new level, providing a perfect end to the fashion madness and giving you perfectly designed memories of your high school adventures in style. Enjoy it!

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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