The story about Blackforest Cake Maker

Surprise your family with a tasty cake this weekend! Loaded with lots of chocolate, moist, and super sweet, this easy to make blackforest cake is one of our favorite desserts. On we’re baking a yummy blackforest cake and if you want to learn some of our chef’s tips and tricks, then hurry up and join the fun getting started with this fun cooking game for girls called Blackforest Cake Maker. But before anything else, make sure to wash your hands and then step by step, follow our chef’s cooking instructions, and make the yummy cake in no time. Separate the eggs, mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl, and then be prepared to complete a series of mini-games to discover how to make this cake batter. Bake the cake as instructed and then decorate it as you wish with icing, whipped cream, pralines, and fresh cherries. Have a blast playing cooking games online at!