The story about Superhero Violet Summer Excursion

The last days of summer caught Superhero Violet getting ready for a fun vacation at the beach. It’s going to be only for a couple of days and she wants to enjoy them to the fullest… that’s why she decided to stop by your beauty salon for professional treatment. Strat her beauty routine with a deep cleaning and then take care of those ugly red pimples covering her face. Then go ahead and cover her face in a colorful face painting and complete her summery look with a cute new hairstyle. There are many options in terms of hairstyles, so you can choose between beach waves, a loosely braided ponytail, or a curly bun. When you’re done, you can then dress her up in your favorite breezy dress that you can accessorise with seashell-shaped jewellery. Finally, you can also help Violet to decorate her Vespa and give it a cute, girly-girl look. Have a great time playing the Superhero Violet Summer Excursion game for girls online at!