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The story about Travel With Me: ASMR Edition

Travel With Me: ASMR Edition is a dress up game where you join the famous vlogger, Ellie, in her thrilling summer vacation across breathtaking destinations worldwide. Prepare to be dazzled by a mesmerizing selection of summer outfits that flawlessly embody the essence of each location. Get your fashionista skills ready as you enter this extraordinary blend of travel and ASMR sounds, whisking you into a world of style and relaxation.

How to play Travel With Me: ASMR Edition?

Hop on a plane, journey through each destination, and create stunning outfits. Capture your creations in photos, share your fashion masterpieces with friends, and showcase your styling skills to the world. To enhance your gaming experience, Travel With Me: ASMR Edition incorporates soothing ASMR sounds that will help you relax and immerse you in the game's tranquil atmosphere. Delight in the satisfying sounds, from the hum of airplane engines to the rhythmic chug of a passing passenger train. Get lost in the tranquil serenade of microphone scratching as you transport yourself to a mesmerizing world of fashion and relaxation.

Dress up in Thailand's splendor

Let's begin our fashion journey in the mystical land of Thailand, where our vlogger visits one of its impressive temples. Dive into a world of traditional clothing with a modern twist as you explore a variety of outfits for her. How about pairing a vibrant silk blouse with a chic, high-waisted pencil skirt? Add a touch of cultural fusion by accessorizing with a statement necklace featuring intricate Thai designs. Or, you could opt for a flowy spaghetti dress adorned with delicate floral patterns for a more casual but still chic look. Finish off the summer look with strappy sandals, and she'll be ready to explore the temples in style. If you're feeling adventurous, why not go for a dress featuring traditional Thai patterns and traditional flat shoes? It's the perfect blend of comfort and fashion-forwardness.

Fashion-forward in Dubai's desert delights

Let's fast forward to Dubai next, where our fashionista spends a day in the mesmerizing desert. Embrace the heat and sand with Ellie's breezy, lightweight clothes that exude an effortless boho-chic vibe. Picture this: a flowy maxi dress in a neutral shade, paired with a woven straw hat and an oversized bag. Complete the look with some embellished sandals for a touch of glamour. If you're looking for a more daring outfit, you can go for a cropped linen top in a vibrant hue that you can match with loose-fitting pants and a statement hair scarf. Finish off this desert-ready outfit with strappy sandals and oversized sunglasses, and she'll be the epitome of desert chic. For a more laid-back look, a linen romper in a pastel shade will keep Ellie cool while exploring the dunes. Add delicate gold jewelry and a floppy hat and she'll be ready for a day of adventure under the sun.

Dive into Maldives fashion fantasy

Next up, let's head to the tropical paradise of Maldives, where our fashion-forward traveler experiences the luxury of an infinity pool. Dive into a selection of stunning swimsuits and accessories that will make you feel like a true beach goddess. Picture a vibrant one-piece swimsuit in a tropical print, paired with fruity earrings and oversized sunglasses for the ultimate poolside glamour. If you prefer a two-piece option, dress her up in a high-waisted sarong skirt in an eye-catching print. Pair it with a bra top in a bold color and some statement earrings for an effortlessly chic poolside look. With these outfit combos, she'll turn heads as she soaks up the sun in style.

Styling success in the studio

But the adventure doesn't end at the destination, it's time to head home and share the journey. Join our fashion-savvy protagonist in the studio as she prepares to release her travel vlog. Choose from a vast selection of casual clothes to create the perfect outfit for her on-screen appearance. How about a denim jumpsuit with colorful earrings and a strawberry-printed fedora hat? It's the perfect mix of comfort and style. If you're in the mood for something more playful, a loose-cropped jumper paired with high-waisted jeans and colorful sneakers will make her look effortlessly cool. And for those days when she wants to add a hint of sophistication to her vlog, a flowy dress with statement jewelry will do the trick. Complete the look with ankle boots for a touch of edge and confidence.

Snap a selfie 

As you journey through each destination and create stunning outfits, don't forget to capture your creations in photos. Share your fashion masterpieces with friends and showcase to the world your styling skills.

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When was Travel With Me: ASMR Edition first released?

The game was first released in July 2024

Where to play Travel With Me: ASMR Edition?

Web browser (desktop and mobile).