Pixie Flirty Makeup on Prinxy

Playing Pixie Flirty Makeup on Prinxy

The story about Pixie Flirty Makeup

Your amazing makeup artist skills are needed in the Enchanted Forest today! A beauty contest takes place here and all the magical creatures have been invited to participate. Our friend couldn’t miss the opportunity to show off her artistic skills and so she was one of the first participants to sign up. Pixie plans to surprise everybody with an elaborate makeup look, but she could use an assistant to guide her through each step of the makeup process… and here is where you step in. But first thing first: to make sure the cosmetics will stay in place, you’ll have to properly prep her face for it. Use nourishing face masks and all sorts of beauty treatments to get that flawless base and then start dealing with her makeup look. Use face contouring, eyeshadow, and mascara of your choice. Next, complete her look for the beauty contest with a laborious face painting which can include both colorful drawings and playful designs. Have a great time playing the Pixie Flirty Makeup Game online at Prinxy.app!