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The story about Cyberpunk City Hairstyles

Step into the electric world of Cyberpunk City Hairstyles. A fashionable follow-up to Cyberpunk City Fashion, this brand-new hair game for girls reveals the secrets of three cyberpunk hairstyles that steal the spotlight. Your once sweet, plain Emma is thrust into the vibrant Cyberpunk City, a place where style is the key to survival. Create and customize three unique hairstyles to solidify her new hardcore look, and complete it with a new jaw-dropping look!

Kickstart the fun with our first hairstyle! Begin by slathering her frizzy, medium-length locks with top-notch shampoo to unveil shimmering strands. Dry and brush out any tangles, prepping her strands for the transformation ahead. Dive into the edgy side - literally - by shaving off one side, creating a distinct, asymmetric allure. Next, color her hair in cool shades of your choosing, bringing a pop of character to her new look. Finally, use a spritz of hairspray to lock it all in. Watch in delight as her hair goes from messy confusion to sleek fashion. Welcome to the world of fabulous locks - cyberpunk style!

Excitement builds as you move on to the next hair task - the cyberpunk buns. Start by dividing her hair into two neat sections, a step that gets her hair ready for your creativity. Next, bring each section of hair into flawless buns, adding depth and dimension to her look. Let your style instincts lead the way, and pick a color - or maybe a few! Splash these hues onto her buns, making them not only a hairdo but a statement piece. The drab, ordinary look is long gone and replaced with a head-turning, outstanding hairstyle. Watch as her style level skyrockets, and she becomes the trend of the town embodying the essence of Cyber City's edgy vibe!

Next, get yourself ready for the third hairstyle - the classic cyberpunk dreadlocks. First, tame her wavy and frizzy hair into a straight, smoother alternative. Dare to go the extra mile? We say, shave off one side to bring in an extra dash of hardcore edge. Artfully twist her hair into fashionable dreadlocks, vibing the punk in every strand. Don't forget to let your creativity burst, adding a blast of color to those dreads. Now, what's punk without a bit of funk? Kick it up a notch by embellishing her look with spunky strings, transforming her hair into a work of art. It's more than just a hairstyle - it's the perfect blend of boho-inspired and rave-ready style, all tuned up into a magnificent head-turning, electrifying cyberpunk look!

After hair comes hot couture. Choose from a selection of ultramodern attire oozing with metal accents and neon hues. Perhaps a metallic corset top teamed with black shorts clinched with a metallic belt - a striking combo that screams street-style chic. Or maybe an asymmetric neon top with a see-through miniskirt, providing a fashion-forward contrast. Want something daring? Try a full metallic dress accentuated with neon cutouts. The final decision is just as crucial: which of the three captivating hairstyles will complete her look? 

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Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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