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The story about Cindy Fairytale Fan

Cinderella is a huge Disney fan and after saving up for a very long time she managed to pull together the money to visit the place every Disney fan dreams to visit, the amazing Disneyland! She has already started the preparations as she wants everything to be perfect. Of course, her look has to be on point so she had decided to create the ultimate Disney look for herself by creating looks inspired by her favorite Disney characters Minnie Mouse, Merida, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Mad Hatter and Aladdin. Would you like to help Cinderella create the most wonderful outfit for her dream trip? Play or brand new game called Cinderella Disney Fan and start with the makeup unit of the game. You will have six makeup options for each of her fave characters and the really fun part is that you can mix and match them to create unique looks for Cinderella. When you have created the perfect makeup, go ahead and start working on the outfit. Just like in the makeup unit, six amazing outfits will be available for Cinderella. If you really want to get creative mix the wonderful Minnie skirt with the glam Merida hairstyle and create the ultimate Disney look. Have fun playing Cinderella Disney Fan!