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The story about Valentine's Day Couple Date

Fall head over heels with Valentine's Day Couple Date, an amazing girl game set in Paris, the proclaimed city of love. Join Ellie and Ben on a love-struck journey, as you aid them in celebrating a Valentine's Day that's as unforgettable as their love story. 

Kickstart an idyllic day with a romantic breakfast with a view. Slip Ellie into a chic robe, choose her hairstyle, and help dashing Ben set a picture-perfect breakfast table. Handpick from a selection of savory and sweet treats, cappuccinos, and juices to make a feast befitting the city of food and fashion. A beautiful flower arrangement on the table will surely set the perfect mood for the day, so feel free to browse the flower arrangements Ben has prepared for his girlfriend and select the one you like most. Enjoy the morning coffee while admiring the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, and then get the couple ready for their next activity. Can you guess where they are going to go next? 

Fashion meets fitness in the next level of this Valentine's Day-themed dress-up game for girls as you style them for the workout session for couples. You must know by now that Ben and Ellie are fitness enthusiasts who keep up with their healthy routines, even if it's Valentine's Day. Dress Ellie and Ben in matching or complementary workout gear that symbolizes their shared commitment to fitness, a testament to the fact that love thrives even in simple day-to-day routines.

No Valentine's Day would be complete without a romantic dinner, and our game makes no exception. You get to elevate fashion to new heights in our brand-new dress-up game for girls with a Rooftop Dinner Date. From style-savvy tops and matching bottoms to flirty dresses, fashionable shoes to eye-catching accessories, craft the ideal outfit that sets Ellie's fashion sense aflutter. Dress her in a stunning red dress for a classic look, a yellow crop top and a matching skirt for a burst of color, or a stylish pair of suit pants for a mix of chic and comfort. Complete her chic ensemble with high heels, a trendy hairstyle, and sparkling jewelry. 

Spotlights shifts to Ben next, as he also gets ready for the rooftop rendezvous. From smart suit jackets to crisp suit pants, colorful shoes, and a sleek hairstyle, turn Ben into the perfect gentleman in Ellie's eyes. The cherry on top? Keep an eye out for a special surprise gift from Ben that promises to leave Ellie's heart racing. 

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Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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