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Step into a fabulous ice skating paradise with our new dress up game, Ice Skating Ballerina. This winter-themed spectacle tugs at your heartstrings as you assist Ellie and Ben in their fashion journey from drab to fab, gearing up for an ice skating competition that just might be the highlight of their lives!

Ice Skating Ballerina provides an ambiance of winter wonder and whimsy, where fashion choices and creativity intersect on the glamorous ice rink. This enthralling dress-up game offers countless customization options that let you girls experiment and express your unique style, all the while preparing Ellie and Ben for the most riveting ice skating competition of their lives. So, what are you waiting for? Slide into this virtual world of winter chic and fun, and prepare to be dazzled by an array of fashionable delights. Take center stage in the glinting rink, twirl, pose, and bask in the shimmer of the spotlight with Ice Skating Ballerina–where every day is a ramp walk on the ice!

Prepare to dive head-first into Ellie's world and embark on the delightful task of customizing her ice skates. Finesse your artistic flair as you choose between ice-blue laces, popping pink patterns, or perhaps the dazzle of glittery patterns. You're in the driver's seat and the final result can be as flamboyant or tastefully understated as you wish! Or you might opt for some enchanting green skates accented with a smattering of sparkle followed by striking silver laces. Or maybe vanilla white skates speckled with colorful studs and pastel pink laces are more Ellie's speed? Whichever path you choose, your artistic eye can't misstep.

Next, let's help Ellie be the Belle of the solo competition in her colorful ballerina outfit. Choose between a knitted headband or a dazzling tiara encrusted with sparkly rhinestones and fluffy faux feathers. Pair that with an icy blue dress, cinched at the waist and fanning out into soft layers of tutu, adorned with delicate glittering designs. Or step out of the box with a jaw-dropping purple dress adorned with playful faux and sparkling rhinestones, sure to leave the crowd and the jury, in awe! Complete her ice skating ballerina look with a new hairstyle and a piece of jewelry for a stunning look. 

How about we turn our attention to Ellie's dashing partner, Ben? His skates, though less adorned, still make a statement. Picture a sleek black model detailed with playful star prints or classic plaids, resulting in a sleek-and-street blend of style. Or why not opt for a classic white pair with subtle black trim, a nod to timeless, traditional elegance? Ben's skates can be as clean-cut or edgy as you wish—a reflection of his personality on the ice.

Lastly, we step into the realm of glam fashion, because it's time for Ellie and Ben to dazzle as a duo. For Ellie, imagine an off-shoulder velvet dress with rich rhinestone trims, asymmetric sleeves, and a full-volume skirt, perfectly paired with a silver choker. Or choose a body-fitting scarlet jumpsuit that exudes confidence, complete with designer earrings and a bedazzled pair of gloves. The choice is yours!

For Ben, picture a dashing navy blue ensemble with golden embroidery, accented with classy black pants and paired up with a sleek hairstyle. Or perhaps you would rather see him in an all-black outfit with a sequined turtleneck blouse and classic black pants, matching Ellie's fiery flair? Their looks for the duo competition can be matching or complementary, and it's your call on how these styles are played out on the ice.

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Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to browse through all the options in this online game for girls.

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