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Playing Princess Travel Exchange on Prinxy

The story about Princess Travel Exchange

Have fun playing Merida Travel Exchange and help lovely Merida get used to her first travel exchange experience! Merida, one of the bravest princesses out there, thought that exchanging homes with Rapunzel might be a fun and cool idea. After a very long trip to Rapunzel's castle, she soon receives a notification on the tablet. It seems that Rapunzel is having a blast in Scotland with her adorable three little brothers. She tries to answer her online, even though she does not have a clue how to use technology yet. While wandering around the castle, she opens Rapunzel's closet out of curiosity and she finds many lovely clothes that she can try on. Help her out and find the perfect outfit for Merida. You can match a top with a plaid skirt, or a green dress with a pair of bear printed tights. In this new place, Merida finds out that selfies are very popular so help her choose a fun photo to decorate and upload on her Snapchat profile. Pick up a nice filter, some cute stickers and Snapchat decorations. Reading her fun comments definitely made her day! Play this new game and make sure Merida has some fun on her first travel exchange experience with Rapunzel!