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Goldie spent a lot of time preparing the perfect wedding and just a few hours before the big day a strong wind swept the area and destroyed everything. The ballroom is a mess, her custom-made wedding cake was destroyed, and the bright white bridal dress is now an old rag… Will you try to fix everything on time for Goldie’s wedding day? Play this amazing wedding-themed game for girls and step-by-step help get everything back together, then decorate a gorgeous wedding cake for the newlyweds, and choose a stunning wedding gown to dress her up with. Keep in mind that finding the right wedding dress is one of the most important tasks you have to deal with as Goldie’s wonder wedding planner. Have her try the ones you like and then match the chosen one with a beautiful hairstyle and fine jewelry. Thanks to your help, Goldie will look simply amazing! Have a great time playing this fun game called Goldie Ruined Wedding online at Prinxy.app!