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Ho ho ho... are you ready for Christmas girls? Barbie and Ken are going to spend the Christmas together away from the city. They are going to Ken's cabin in the mountains. This lovely couple is going to have a wonderful and eventful Christmas in the mountains, where they plan to go skiing and snowboarding. In this fun new Barbie And Ken: A Perfect Christmas game you need to help Barbie and Ken decorate the cabin for Christmas. Help them set up the Christmas tree and decorate it. The fireplace also needs to be decorated with garlands and Barbie is feeling crafty, so she is going to create and decorate a Christmas wreath. It look like the spirit of Christmas is filling this lovely couple with joy and energy. Barbie and Ken are going to be away of their families, so they would like to take a picture by the tree and send it to their family. It would be so great if they could wear matching Christmas sweaters don't you agree? Help them paint and decorate their sweaters and create garland necklaces. This is going to be their best Christmas ever and their picture will be priceless! Have fun playing this new Barbie And Ken: A Perfect Christmas game!