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The story about Ellie's First Model Book

Help create Barbie's First Model Book by helping her get the perfect looks and taking stylish photos for her portfolio! Barbie has been an aspiring model for a short while when One Model Agency has contacted her to ask her into one of their shows. But first she had to send them her model book. Start with the make-up and create a few different looks. You have luscious lipsticks, pretty mascaras, colorful eye shadows, colorful eye liners and feminine blushes that you can mix and match to create new looks. Style her hair with pastel ombre at the tips, dress her up with trendy tops and bottoms or choose a fabulous gown, accessorize with shoes, fashionable clutches, lovely jewelry and a hat or a flower tiara. Enjoy playing Barbie's First Model Book and help Barbie get a glam makeup and outfit for her model portfolio!