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Hazel And Mom’s Recipes: Chocolate Torte

Hazel and Mom are busy in the kitchen today. They are trying out a brand new recipe. Baking is their favorite activity, and this time they are in the mood for something sweet! They are baking a delicious chocolate torte that’s super-rich, moist, and made with buttercream, coconut creme, or fruits. You can join the fun and learn together with Hazel from her talented mom how to make this delicious dessert on your own. So are you ready to give it a try? Then get started with Hazel And Mom’s Recipes: Chocolate Torte cooking game for girls, and learn how to make this yummy dessert on your own!

Before anything else, you and Hazel have to find all the needed ingredients. Hazel’s mom has prepared the list with everything she needs, so you just have to look through all the kitchen cabinets and the fridge and spot them all. Can you find them all before the time runs out? Once you have everything prepared you can get started with the baking session. Keep in mind that there are four main stages that you need to complete while playing the Hazel And Mom’s Recipes: Chocolate Torte cooking game for girls online at Prinxy.app! Complete them all to learn how to make the chocolate torte ever together with these two iconic characters.

Next, let’s make the cake batter. Follow the step-by-step instructions and mix the dry ingredients in the right order. Add the egg yolks, then the egg whites, and mix everything well using a silicone spatula. It’s important to avoid the electric mixer at this point. Otherwise, the egg whites will lose their elasticity, and the cake will not be as fluffy. Transfer the batter into a cake tray, and bake the cake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Leave to cool and meanwhile make the pie filling. 

They chose the coconut cream filling for this cake. To make it you have to know the bain-marie technique, but don't you worry girls, it’s easier than you might think. On a pot with boiling water, put a bowl with coconut milk and gelatine, and whisk carefully until creamy and thick. Add the cream between the cake layers, and then take the time to also decorate the chocolate torte. 

Enjoy playing Hazel And Mom’s Recipes: Chocolate Torte cooking game for girls online at Prinxy.app!

Game Controls

  • Use your mouse to interact.

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