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Pets are here! And with our pet games, there have never been so many wonderful and fun ways to take care of them. Playing with puppies and kittens is always fun, but our pet games give you tons of different animals to care for in hundreds of ways. We integrate favorite game styles like dress up and cooking alongside our pet games, offering your children a challenging and enjoyable way to play with pets and indulge in their imaginations.


Kids and pets are like peas and carrots, but with Prinxy’s pet games, the age old comparison gets even better! No matter what kind of pets interest your child, or what way they prefer to use their skills to take care of them. From choosing the cutest collars, to artistic makeovers, and even veterinarian based games, your child is in total control of their furry friend adventure. Like many of Prinxy’s games, the pet games on our site all include short stories and interactive plot lines to help jumpstart your child's fundamental creativity. These storylines also help promote good reading skills and encourage your child to be curious and engage with what’s happening in each game. Which also helps to promote important cognitive skills.


Our pet games are simply the best- with so many genres to choose from, fit for all ages and genders alike. The colorful graphics, engrossing characters, and super cute companions will be sure to keep your child entertained for ages, all while keeping learning furry and fun!