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Decoration games are ready to take your child’s imagination and artistic skills to the next level. From using core design principles to help hone your child’s awareness and decision making skills, to simple coloring and stamp activities to keep them engaged, supporting curiosity and promoting self-expression!


Amaze and excite the senses by choosing which of the many decoration games your child can play. Our games are specially designed with bright colors, playful and friendly images, and themes built to suit a younger audience. Exploring ideas like individuality and inclusiveness, despite inherent differences or hardships. Decoration games are a fun way to improve reading comprehension while helping your child navigate the choices that affect our everyday lives.


At Prinxy, our decoration games are about so much more than just playing dress up or getting your characters room just right for the big sleepover! Each game offers an all ages storyline with multiple ways to show off your child's artistic ability. Focusing on the latest fashions and decor choices, while allowing your little one the opportunity for their own style to shine. All in a positive environment that encourages each child’s ability.


We host tons of decoration games, which all have fun, short stories and several levels give your child the chance to play the games that suit them best. Or even revisit their favorites! All for free. Letting your child enjoy the world of make believe while you focus on other things. Screen time can be me time, both for your kids and for you! Giving you each the space and time necessary to make your world a more beautiful place.